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"Fruchtbar" · 2011
Roland Spohn, Fruchtbar, Erotic motifs: Female nudes, Plants: Palm, Post-Surrealism
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For sale
15.9 x 12 inch
Water color
EUR 800.00
Hello Pat! Thank you very much for your interst in my painting. I'm a biologist. Beside phantastic paintings I illustrate books about plants and trees and make photos of plants (my homepage:, but I'm sorry, up to now this is only in German). I'll translate the informations about "Fruchtbar" for you and will inform you as soon as I've done it. Kind regard, Roland
2.6.2013 12:31 by Roland Spohn · URL
Hello! I am doing research on the coco de mer (Seychellennuss) in art. I would love to know a bit more about the artist Roland Spohn and the painting "Fruchtbar". Is it based on an actual visit to the Seychelles islands? If so, when did Roland come here? Many thanks for any information you can provide about this fascinating painting. Regards, Pat Matyot, P.O. Box 321, Seychellen.
27.5.2013 08:55 by Pat MATYOT
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