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Ronny Strehmann Portrait

Ronny Strehmann
Media designer and photographic artist Ronny Strehmann was born on January 9, 1984 and lives in Erkner near Berlin.
He grew up in a riverscape in Brandenburg (East Germany) called Oderbruch whose remote charm and rugged beauty left a mark on his aesthetic sense.
In adolescence, it had soon become apparent that he had to find a suitable way to express his strong feelings and thoughts – a stage to reflect his emotional life.
Hitherto photography had been a merely documental tool for him when he came across the technique of multiple exposure in 1999. This is when he started off to delve deeper into the little-noticed niche of analogue photography.
Through the mystical atmosphere of his first experiments he could already sense the potential of this photographic method which raises photography to a higher artistic level by fusing photorealism and picturesqueness into an outstanding strength of expression.
Over the years he has been acquiring necessary skills and knowledge himself, improving and refining technical procedures which led to a level of quality that remains unsurpassed.
His work is aimed directly at the heart. To create a timeless visual world of shapes and colors, contemporary elements are avoided as far as possible.
While being widely anti-materialistic, the dreamlike pictures form a quiet counterpoint to the obtrusive flood of everyday imagery and vast amount of aggressive optical inputs that are delivered by modern mass media.
It seems that all kinds of attention-seeking advertising in particular contribute to people’s visual oversaturation and gradually increase their threshold of attention.
The artist is affected by this penetration of commerce into daily life as well as eroding solidarity, intolerance, religious or racial hatred, discrimination – no matter if latent or not – and contradictory human nature in general.
In this light, the artworks convey a thoughtful escapism to break the surface and reveal a world beyond triviality and insignificance.
Core equipment:
The Canon EOS 5 (single lens reflex 35 mm camera) is used with a grid focusing screen to allow accurate positioning of the picture elements. In addition, manual focusing lenses (M42) of various focal lengths from Pentacon and Carl Zeiss Jena are combined with the extensive and highly variable Cokin filter system.
Usually the exposures are photographed on 35 mm color negative films (ISO 100), at times also black and white infrared films find their way into the camera.