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Art by Sara Diciero
Art by Sara Diciero
Día especial para el amor, 2012, oil on canvas with visualtextures, 30 x30 cm.
"Margot siempre llega feliz", 2011, oil on cavas. Abstract Expressionism with visual textures, 100 x 100 cm.
The new works of Sara Diciero reach visual fullness.
It proposes an exuberante image that continuously changes its possibilities of reading.
The glance is catched by a surface very stimulated that to find different express slopes allows in each route.

Far from being a figurative painter, its image fills with fantastic valleys, vertiginous torrents that slide like liquids, mountainous dunes in trip or cords, microscopic organisms exposed under an increase lens, infinite variants in the forms and in the colors that only the own imagination can give sense.

This aptitude to catch and to stop on any support a set of images with hipnagogique or dream capacity, obtains thanks to her incursion in different pictorial techniques, specially oil and the use of aplications of own design.

Although it seems a paradox, the variety in the image borns of the permanence in the color treatment.

Diciero operates at the same time by succession of equivalent tones in several works. This continuity generates sequences in the work that come together in a great wealth of images, become related in its difference.

The works follow one to another by the pitch combinations that generate different composed structures.
It’s only the light that takes part with total protagonism, being diluted or concentrating itself with varied intensity. Or in range of brown, or by green, ocher (dark yellow) or blue intonations, the pictorial field is opened to a full variety where of nature’s fundamental elements make their appearance there.

Sara Diciero paints with the same intensity that lives. She takes to the painting the overflowed characteristics of his personality, spontanety and passion by the life.

Julio Sapollnik
Art Critic. 2004

Exhibition of Paintings by Sara Diciero
Manzana de las Luces- Jose Mauroner Room
18 to 30 September 2007

The paintings by Sara Diciero embody the great universal mystery of Nature still is for men, as the gift of art that God holds a few people.
With descriptive preciousism appear countless ways from a stroke combed like that of flamingos and with effect from the most varied textures.
Colors that are still vibrate in “sordina” (piece that is placed on musical instruments to reduce its sonority) from saturation to the lightness through all the values from auburn, reddish, crimson and yellow to broken colors with touches of light that illuminate spaces with particular technical towed.

Since cultural ancestors or from the bottom of the unconscious, a certain way arises in many of his artworks so appellant; a way how excellence of Santiago de Compostela, Baroque and Rococo: scallops or semicircular shell scallops of walking pilgrims in search of the tomb of the Apostle or embellishment called Coquillage that remained over four centuries.

People who contemplate sees countless ways that stimulate their imagination because her canvas dress and dress again so many and imaginary figures like the almost limitless imagination can do.

Although their titles refer to experiences, emotions and dreams, landscapes have a powerful, vital and contained energy behind the imaginary landscapes. The play seems to combine the Big-bang of Creation and and could be seen listening to the great New World Symphony.

Sara Diciero dreams and can realize her dreams facts paint for joy and somatization of Beauty; and the beautiful thing is a symbol of good morals as Kant.

Irma Aguado
Museology - Curator
September 2007