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Shefqet Avdush Emini, an internationally recognized artist. He is an academically
educated artist who developed his own style. His own ‘signature’, which made him
famous. The list of exhibitions of his artworks in museums and art galleries worldwide
is long. Sweden, Denmark, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, China, Austria, Nederland,
Washington D.C.U,Switzerland,Germany, Italy, Grot Britannia, Spain, Portugal,
France (Louver) Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia,
Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Brazil, Washington, Kuwait, Slovakia,Poland,
Oman, Russia, Palestina,Canada, Algeria, Azerbaijan, India,Tunez. Besides, he is
regular invited to join art symposia where local and international artist do come
together to create art and get inspired. Shefqet is also connected to the Filarski
Academy, a private Academy in The Netherlands founded by the artist Marian
Filarski, as a teacher for master classes in painting.
Ina Eskes MA of Art history

Permanent collection of Museum in Guwahati, India 2016
Permanent collection of Municipality Museum in Beijing,China 2015
Permanent collection of Municipality Museum in Estrem,Portugal 2014
Permanent collection of Museum ” Alija Izetbegovic” 2013
Association of poets,writers and artists ” Pegasi” Albania 2013
Permanent collection of the Modern Art Museum,Kuwait 2012
Permanent collection of the Museum MAC Brazil 2011
Permanent collection of the Gallery Tetovo, Macedonia 2010
Permanent collection of the Gallery Aiud, Romania 2010
Permanent collection of the Museum Tepecik,Turkey 2010
Aperon Art Plus Gallery, Istanbul 2010
Gallery Tornby Denmark2010;
RKD as from2003;
Foundation Symbiose Sittard as from 2003;
Foundation art centre keeps out 2003;
Aida as from 1994
Stichting Kunstcentrum Weert as from 2003;
Permanent collection of the National Gallery of art in Tirana 1999
Artist figurative association of the Kosovo as from1989;
President of the foundation ‘Zef Kolombi ‘ Ferizaj Kosovo as from 1988-1992
Member of foundation art centre ‘ Zef Kolombi ‘ Ferizaj Kosovo as from 1982;


International Art Symposium Wiacamp in Didim,Turkey 2019
International Feminy Art Symposium in Mus,Turkey 2019
International Art Symposium in Karadeniz Eregli, Turkey 2019
International Art Symposium in Trabzon,Turkey 2018
International Art Symposium in Slovakia 2018
International Art Symposium in Alanya,Turkey 2018
International Art Symposium in Tunez 2018
International Art Workshop wiacamp in Kusadasi Turkey 2018
International Art Symposium in Slovakia 2018
International Art Symposium in Istanbul 2017
International Art Symposium in Mersin 2017
International Art Symposium in Kusadasi 2017
International Art Symposium "Terchovska Paleta in Slovakia 2017
International Art Plener in Leczna, Poland 2017
International Art Symposium in Tarsus 2017
International Art Symposium in Kushadasi 2017
International art camp Didim, Turkey 2016
Symposium in Aydin, Turkey 2016
India Olympia Fine Arts Symposium 2016
Festival in Baku, Azerbaijan 2015
Symposium in Kapari Hotel, Alacati,Turkey 2015
Symposium in Setif, Algeria 2015
Symposium in Harram , Urfa,Turkey 2015
Symposium in Antalya, Turkey 2014
Symposium, Bolu,Turkey 2014
Symposium in Beshiktash ,Istanbul,Turkey 2014
Symposium in Özyeğin University,Istanbul,Turkey2014
Symposium in Estremoz,Portugal 2014
Symposium in Saguen,Quebec, Canada 2014
Symposium in Penza, Russia 2014
International Art Festival Gaza - Palestine 2014
Symposium in Istanbul,Turkey 2014
Artist in Residence,Cairo,Egypt 2014 Workshop for Youth Union workers – Ministry of Youth and sport Egypt 2014
(II) Workshop in Fresco Art Galery, Cairo, Egypt 2014
(I) Workshop in Fresco Art Galery, Cairo, Egypt 2014
Symposium in Sahl Hasheesh,Hurghada,Egypt 2014
Symposium in Sarajevo,Bosnia 2013
Symposium in Penza,Russia 2013
Constellation of international artists Prishtina,Kosovo 2013
Symposium Konya in Turkey 2013
Art colony in Prishtina,Kosovo 2013
Festival in Sharm El Sheikh 2012
Symposium in Birgi,Turkey 2012
Art colony in Izmir,Turkye 2012
Symposium in Mojmirovce,Slovakia 2012
Plejada e artisteve nderkombtar Prishtine,Kosovë 2012
Symposium in Konya,Turkey 2012
Workshop in Rembrandplein, Amsterdam1012
Symposium in Kuwait 2012
Festival – VI Sharm Em Sheikh,Egypte december 2011
Symposium in Antalya,Turkey 2 juni 2010
International Arts Festival Gesha View – Bulgaria mei 2011
Colony Tetov, Macedonia june 2010
Symposium Tepecik, Turkey june 2010
Symposium Auid, Romania august 2010
Workshop in Rembrandsplein, Amsterdam july 2010
Festival in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypte april 2010

2019.International in State Fine Arts Gallery Wiacamp in Art Gallery - Eskisehir,Turky
2019.Exhibition in Art Hotel in Moscow, Russia
2019.International Art Exhibition in open area, Wiacamp, Didim,Turkey
2019.International Art Exhibition in Hol Munisipality,Mus,Turkey
2019.International Art Exhibition in Karadeniz Eregli, Turkey
2019.Exhibition in Gallery antique,in Trabzon,Turkey
2019.Exhibition Vali Yazıcıoğlu Cultural Center Aydin,Turkey
2019. Exhibition Culture Center Recep Yazicioglu Aydin,Turkey
2019. International Exhibition in Gallery Hamam Cimeni Carsisi, Trabzon,Turkey
2018. International Exhibition in Istanbul Gelisim Üniversity Gallery, Turkey
2018. International Exhibition in Museum Terchova, Slovakia
2018. International Exhibition in Kaptan Hotel,Alanya,Turkey
2018.International Exhibition in Houses of culture, Tunez
2018. International Exhibition in Art Gallery of Dramalılar Köşkü at Bornova- Izmir
2018. International Exhibition in exterior wiacamp in Kusadasi, Turkey
2018.Exhibition in Gural Museum in Kapadokya,Turkey
2018.Exhibition in Castel, Slovakia 2018
2018.Exhibition in Bursa Nilüfer Municipality Gallery, Istanbul
2018.Exhibition in Hall Hanam Culture and Art Center,Korea
2018.Exhibition in Turhan Gallery Denizli, Turkey
2018.Exhibition in kuzay&bahar art Galery, Istanbul
2018.Exhibition in Paris epinay Municipality cultural center Paris
2017.Exhibition in Emin Serdar Art Galery,Trabzon
2017.Exhibition in EGE ünivercity Atatürk culture center, Izmir,
2017.Exhibition Beylikduzu Municipality,Beylicium,Shoppcenter,Istanbul,
2017.Exhibition in Sarayı Gallery, Mersin,
2017.Exhibition in Doku Art Gallery, Istanbul,Turkey
2017. Exhibition in Museum Povazske,Slovakija 2017
2017. Exhibition in Ibramaki art gallery in Kusadasy,Turkey
2017. Exhibition in Konak,Museum in Izmir,Turkey
2017. Exhibition in International Salon -organization organization
Al-Pyramids Hall of art - new pyramids, Egypt
2017. “Corvins’ Castle“ Museum, Hunedoara, Aiud, Romania
2017. Exhibition in the center of culture Leczna, Poland
2017. Exhibition in the Bal Art Gallery in Tarsus, Turkey
2017. Exhibition in the Carina Art Gallery in Kusadasi, Turkey
2017. Exhibition in the Yolo Art Gallery in Kusadasi, Turkey
2017.Exhibition in the Hamamizade ihsan by kultur Merkezi, Trabzon, Turkey
2016. Exhibition in the Adnan Menderes University, atatürk calprure senter, Didim,Turkey
2016.Exhibition in ATSO Kurumsal Bahçesi, Gallery, Antalya, Turkey
2016.Exhibition in open area Didim, Turkey
2016.Exhibition in National Library of Romania, Bucharest
2016.Exhibition in Center for Cultural Arts, Aydin, Turkey
2016.Exhibition in Museum Guwahati, India
2015.Exhibition in Museum in Beijing, China
2015.Exhibition in Museum, Baku, Azerbaijan
2015.Exhibition in Kapari Hotel, Alacati,Turkey
2015. Exhibition in Gallery, Setif, Algeria
2015. Exhibition in Harram Kumbert Hotel, Urfa,Turkey
2015"Inter-Art" International Exhibition Palace of the United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland
2014.Exhibitions in Taza Biennial, Moroko 2014
2014. Exhibition in Erdem Bayazit Kultur Merkezi Antalya,Turkey
2014.Exhibition in Kultur Gallery Sitesi Salonu,Bolu Turkey
2014.Exhibition in Gallery Mustafa Kemal Merkez, Istanbul
2014.Exhibition in open environment Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
2014.Exhibition Art-Penza for the festival of contemporary art chernozem - Russia
2014.National History Museum of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca (NHMT) Romania
2014.Exhibition in Municipality Museum in Estrem,Portugal
2014.Exhibition in Centers of culture Saguen,Quebec, Canada
2014.Exhibition in Art Gallery Penza,Russia
2014.Exhibition in Gaza - Palestine
2014.Exhibition in Özyeğin University,Istanbul,Turkey
2014.Exhibition in The Tipsy Teapot, Cairo, Egypt
2014.International Exhibition, Gurin, France
2014.Exhibitions in Villa 43 Maadi Sarayat, Egypt
2014.Exhibition in Tutin Hom of culture Serbia
2014.Exhibition in Restaurant Guri,Cairo, Egypt
2014.Exhibition in Priboj Gallery spirale Serbia
2014.Exhibition in Renaissance Hotel, Cairo, Egypt
2014.Prijepole Home of culture Serbia
2014.Exhibition in Gallery Roman Petrovic , Sarajevo, Bosnia
2014.Exhibition in Plav Hom of culture Montenegro
2014.Exhibition in Sahl Hasheesh,Hurghada,Egypt
2014.Exhibition in Pirot Hom of culture Serbia
2013.Exhibition in Gallery Penza,Russia
2013.Exhibition National Museum of Unification,Alba lulia,Romaia
2013.Exhibition at the Royal Garden, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013.Exhibition International Biennial Festival of Portrait INTERBIFEP in Bosnia i Eercigovina
2013.ExhibitionTuch” within the XIIIth edition of the Inter-Art International Artcamp,at the Inter-Art Gallery,Romaia
2013.ExhibitionExhibition Hanikahu in Sarajevo,Bosnia
2013.Exhibition New York, USA – “Inter-Art”: 20th Anniver