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It is fun to see how my ideas take form on the canvas while I am searching for new ways to express something and how the colours interact and finally how my piece of art turns out.
Inspired from the beauty and power of the nature, to abstract landscapes has become my great passion. On the canvas I can express my emotions, my temperament, my feelings as well as my energy.
I love to play with all different colours and to create through numerous layers new structures which give me again a lot of space to create new expressions. The contrasts in my pieces are formed of the purposefully use of light and dark effects.
Each of my arts is an experiment as well as a search for new challenges; thus, I like to work and experiment with different materials such as sand, filler, net or cardboard boxes.
A very important element is my homepage.
When you look at my art I hope you can feel the same fascination I always feel during the painting processes.

Member of Culture initiative 24 K, Hill Country-Schöcklland