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Art by Stan Adard
Art by Stan Adard
Stan Adard
Adards‘ pictures put a contrast to the hectic world of images around. His paintings radiate grace, beauty and tranquility. An invitation to relax, to breathe and to inner contemplation. To discover the breathe or the flow of an image is a personal experience.
Stan Adards pictures are unique. The luminosity of the flowing color transitions and the gentle movements provide a fascinating visual experience that goes far beyond conventional images.
Born 1954 in Switzerland / Studies in psychology and pedagogy at the University of Zurich / Passion for computers, future technologies, art and music /
Winner of the first Swiss Video Days in 1983 / First digital animated art video in 1995 (digital dreams) / Creator of digital flow art since 2014. The Breathing Pictures.
“Swiss artist Stan Adard has pioneered an entirely new artistic genre: stunning digital images, called Breathing Pictures that incorporate movement as a fourth dimensional element to offer an immersive and dynamic visual experience to the viewer. The work is comprised of flowing lines, vivid colors, and amorphous forms: all compositional elements are drawn together to create a sense of harmony, balance, and otherworldly atmosphere.
Add to this movement, whereby the image literally breathes in a rhythmic, calming cadence, and the art is transformed into a spiritual mentor, reminding the viewer of the profound importance of mindfulness to experience the outer and inner world.“ ARTisSpectrum, 2017/36

Adard lives and works in Kienberg, Switzerland. or
A short introduction video: