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Stan Adard Portrait

The Breathing Pictures
Breathing is life. Every single cell in our body needs oxygen to produce energy.
Exhaling transports toxins and waste products out of our body.
There exists a strong connection between breathing and our mental state. Within the natural instinct to fight our fears, control our thoughts, and to arrive at a deeper state of inner contemplation, conscious breathing plays a monumental part in this process.
These breathing pictures serve as a contrast to the hectic visual culture that surrounds us.
The paintings radiate grace, beauty and tranquility. They act as an invitation to relax, to breathe, and to experience our inner meditations.
Stan Adard
Stan Adard
The Breathing Pictures: Curious Blue (2017).
The Breathing Pictures: Fire Place Mystery (2015). Digital Flow Art.
Exercise mindfulness with breathing art in your living room, office, lobby, training-/break-room, waiting room, patient treatment center, transit lounge, suite or any other living and working space!
Stan Adard
Stan Adard
The Breathing Pictures: Sky Dance (2017).
Living space with The Breathing Picture Camouflage Flow (2018).
The Breathing Pictures are an innovative method of reminding employees, clients or guests of the importance of conscious breathing..

A breathing picture is like a mentor that reminds you to breathe consciously in a calming pattern.
Stan Adard
Stan Adard
Sea Room with The Breathing Picture Curious Water (2016).
The Breathing Pictures: Spiritual Gate (2019) is based on the surreal painting 'Spiritual' of New York painter Magno Laracuente.
It's always a big joy to co-work with all these wonderful artists from around the world!
There are no limits to size, aspect ratio or resolution. Breathing pictures are able to add that ’special something‘ to your space.
Stan Adard
Stan Adard
The Breathing Pictures: Ocean Votive (2016)
The Breathing Pictures: Jazz Dreams (2017), based on ‘Jazz’ created by Magno Laracuente.
“Swiss artist Stan Adard has pioneered an entirely new artistic genre: stunning digital images, called Breathing Pictures that incorporate movement as a fourth dimensional element to offer an immersive and dynamic visual experience to the viewer. The work is comprised of flowing lines, vivid colors, and amorphous forms: all compositional elements are drawn together to create a sense of harmony, balance, and otherworldly atmosphere.
Add to this movement, whereby the image literally breathes in a rhythmic, calming cadence, and the art is transformed into a spiritual mentor, reminding the viewer of the profound importance of mindfulness to experience the outer and inner world.“ ARTisSpectrum, 2017/36