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Susann Kasten-Jerke Portrait

Susann Kasten-Jerke
In the studio

- the free WAY of design - the process - the dynamic of creation - the concentration - the dialogue - markings - layers - the orientation - the everyday - the material - the compression on the surface - THE PAINTING -
'It's the MAKING itself! MAKING ART is THE ADDITION! PAINTING enriches my life, it TOUCHES ME.

'The graduate of the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts lives the complexity in her paintings. A wafer-thin multi-layered image structure of forms, colors & materials that mutually condition and inspire each other, create a tension between the elements that appears delicate and powerful at the same time, determine her images. Seams mark interfaces, old connections are loosened, new connections arise.
Experimenting with shapes, colors and materials determines the work of the artist.