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Tomasz Koclega Biography

Tomasz Koclega

Born in 1968 in Zawiercie, Poland. Lives in Gliwice, Poland.
He is practising the sculpture. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, in the Department of the Graphics in Katowice. The diploma received in 1993. He studied in the studio of of the drawing and painting of Prof. Jacek Rykała and in the lithography's studio of Prof. Adam Romaniuk


In 1993 he participated in international artistic workshops “ Inner Spaces ” in Skoki, studying spatial forms in the studio of Prof. Izabella Gustowska.
In years 1994 - 1995 worked as the assistant in the Team of the Fne Arts on the Department of Architecture of the Silesian Technical University in Gliwice.

In years 1996 - 2007 worked in the Secondary School of the Fine Arts in Zabrze, where conducted the sculpture class. For nine years he also served as the deputy director, and for the final year of the work he was a headmaster.
Currently he is working at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, conducting the sculpture class in artistic and design departaments and at the Silesian College of the Computer Science in Chorzów, on direction of the graphic design, giving classes from modeling spatial forms.


Repeatedly he presented his sculptures in the public spheres of Silesian cities. They are included in the last presentations "Dream "on the Wolnosci Square in Katowice, "Nest" in the garden of the Caro Villa in Gliwice, "Balance", on the Main Market in Bytom, 'Dream" in the Chopin's Park in Gliwice, "Desire", in the courtyard Lock of Sielecki in Sosnowiec, "7 tears" on the Teatralny Square in Zabrze, "Desire" on the Market in Gliwice, "Above" on the Kościuszko' Square in Bytom.

He participated in over 50 collective exhibitions at home and abroad.

His published works stayed in over 35 catalogues, in the numerous editorial matter, television and the internet. The artistic FaArt quarterly devoted the entire number to his artistic profile