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"Teppichtibet" (57) · 2007
Ulla Wobst, Teppichtibet, Emotions: Love, Buildings: Churches, New Figurative Art, Expressionism
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35.4 x 27.6 inch
Mixed technique
Dear Marina.
I like the way in which you enter my images to invent a story of your own! Thus you often can see things which are contained in them although I was not conscious about when painting them. Thank you for showing me such facets!
22.5.2014 10:20 by Ulla Wobst
an image full of tension -
a window that is shattered -
an embrace that is not returned -
and a couple in the focus of a window that is reminiscent of a church's ornamental window-
intriguing and dark-
would be quite the atypical xmas card in my book
21.5.2014 03:30 by marina terracciano
Liebe Ulla,
lieben Dank für Deinen weihnachtlichen Kunstkartengruß; hier betrachte und spüre ich ein sehr faszinierendes emotionales Werk mit einer magischen Ausstrahlung... WUNDERSCHÖN !
Liebe Weihnachtsgrüße .... eine besinnliche Zeit und viel Glück im neuen Jahr ...
wünscht Dir Dorothea
24.12.2012 00:26 by Dorothea Tlatlik
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