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Vlado Franjević Biography


Born 1963 in Martinac (municipality Čazma), Croatia. In 1985 he completed his studies at the school for applied art (painting) in Zagreb. In 1989 he moved to Switzerland. Since 1993 he is living in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Till now he has been showing his art at single and group exhibitions in Croatia, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, French and Monaco. As an artist he expresses himself in drawings, paintings, objects, installations and videos.
His art-pieces can be found in private as well as in public collections. Some of them have been published in the catalogues "Croatian Horizons", Zagreb 1997 and in the "art agenda 1999" (published by the national arts collection of the Principality of Liechtenstein). The graphic works or the subjects of his art which served for graphic works can be found on posters, on the title pages of the books and in several magazines. His name has been registered in the Biographical Dictionary of Swiss Art (published by the Swiss Institute for Science of Art), Zurich 1999. He is a member of the community of German authors (IGdA) in Germany. He received the promotion award for writing of this community in the year 2000. His poems as well as his belletristic-journalistic texts have been published in literature-magazines and newspapers in Germany and Croatia. Several times he has been reading his texts in the German-speaking countries, often in Croatian and German.

Most important single-exhibitions

1991 Macelleria d´arte, St. Gallen / CH
1993 Galerie de la Cathedrale, Monaco-Ville
1994 Stiftung Neues Lernen, Vaduz / FL (mit Zdravko Derek)
1998 Galerie Planaterra, Chur / CH
2001 Galerie Artestade, Vaduz / FL. Gradski muzej, Bjelovar / HR (mit Arno Oehri). Konzervatorska galerija, Split / HR (mit Arno Oehri)

Most important group-exhibitions

1992 EuropArt, Genf / CH
1994 Art Liechtenstein, Triesen / FL
1995 OPTUKUNSTKÄSTCHEN, Galerie Optimum, Schaan / FL (with Elisabeth Kaufmann-Büchel, Gertrug Kohli, Arno Oehri, Walter Roth, Stephan M. Sude, Martin Walch, Werner Marxer, Stefan Sprenger)
1997 Hrvatski obzori, MGC "Klovicevi dvori", Zagreb / HR
1998 Drowing, Galerie "Haus der Heimat", Wiesbaden / D
1999 PoEthisches, Männedorf / CH (Benefit for Kosowo). Small size, Galerie "Haus der Heimat", Wiesbaden / D. Fin de Siecle, "fabriggli", Buchs / CH
2000 idee:Scholle, Altstätten / CH
2001 Poit K Gallery, Nizza / F

Symposien und Sommerakademien

2008, Bosnia-Herzegowina, Bihac, International Fine Art Colony
2006, Jordanien, Amman, ASU I internationales Grafikdesignsymposium
2005, Serbien, Trsic, Internationale Sommerakademie
2004, Estland, Mooste, MOKS Postsovkhoz 4 (Isolation); HR-Medulin, Internationales Malsymposium