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Vlado Franjević Portrait

"Vlado Franjevic is a remarkable artist personality, who has not only a large artistic Potenzial, but is also particularly suitable as cultural mediator. Archaic symbols and the process of full intuition compress Vlado Franjevićs painting to a fascinating picture world between figuration and abstraction. Age-old cultural knowledge and fire-current events arrange Vlado Franjević in such a way that his pictures always develop a wise, high-grade content and the fine art duality." Al Leu (1996)
Vlado Franjević
"The, 1963 in Martinac, Croatia, born, since 1993 in Triesen, Liechtenstein, working artist Vlado Franjevic ranks among the most salient art-creative of the country." Thomass E. Wanger (2001)