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Walter Rieseder Biography

Walter Rieseder - Painting and Illustration

Lives and works in Lanzendorf (environs of Vienna).
Autodidact painter and illustrator

My paintings revolve around societys inward and outward states of perception. My main series of paintings is dedicated to these states of perception and consists of oil paintings, drawings and, created in recent years, virtual 3-D objects.

The Easter Man Series:
The Easter Man Series was inspired by the statues on Easter Island. I partially incorporated these stone statues into my series and I modify them on a continuous basis. I use them as a symbol for stoniness and rigidity in our society.
The Easter Man project is an apocalyptical scenario where each painting tells its own story and consists of different levels, comparable to a computer game.


1959 Born in Vienna in
Apprenticeship to become a screen printer. Additionally learned to play instruments, practiced and performed (drums, saxophone, transverse flute, guitar). Always devoted time to painting
1980 Quit job and played for and performed with various bands as a musician
1990 to 1991 Lived in New York City
1992 Returned to Europe and turned to painting, finally with true dedication. Experimented with various techniques ranging from abstract techniques to photo-realism.
1993 Completed the first paintings of the Easter Man Series (some of these works are exhibited here)
Additionally did commissioned photo realistic work (mainly classic cars, airplanes etc., some on large surfaces)
1995 First encounter with three-dimensional computer graphics
The Easter Man Series grows continuously
1999 Formation of a visualization and media business. Specialized on architectural visualizations in recent years
2005 Current work ranges from various painting techniques and illustrations to 3-D graphics and animation