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"Love & hate" (25) · 1999
YAPIZO - Michael Maier, Love & hate, Fantasy, Emotions: Love, Post-Surrealism, Expressionism
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Im sorry but im going to kill myself. In 1995 my husband had a terrible accident in Barbados and was death cause of the sharks; BUT PEOPLE LIKE YOU MAKES BEAUTIFUL EVEN DRAMAS. thanks a lot god bless you I hope.
26.10.2012 02:26 by Donna Johnston
At least my life take sense when watching this artwork. Thank you so much.
26.10.2012 02:22 by Jérémy Basilius
ein traum super
28.9.2012 08:46 by marula marula
That' s good!
15.2.2012 18:52 by Krupickova Martina · URL
It is Wonderfull.
22.2.2011 13:14 by Fatemeh Razavi
i love this!!!!it is amazing!!
12.5.2010 22:55 by vanessa hinojos
it is verry nice , i sended this to my girlfriend. But know what , it could be extra beautifull when it was a mix from sharks and dolfins. There are natural enemy's therefore is peace and love more detailled.
Verry nice ,
8.4.2010 12:11 by Daniel Bosschaerts · URL
i am wondering what moved you to create something like this... must hav been an expeience tough
6.12.2009 02:15 by Jeremias Phelk
26.10.2009 20:15 by lucy lucy
Michael Maier Love and hat
20.7.2009 01:19 by Edmundo Maceda
Hey man, This is so cool.
You've inspired me, now I'm working with a few 3D Tubes on some projects. I would really like to get some feedback on a pic I just fineshed, If you wouldn't mind, Thanks man, and keep it up.
27.5.2009 18:07 by Scott Scott
omg this is amazing!!! and cleaverly done
1.5.2009 20:48 by (gabi) gabrielle
omg this is amazing!!! and cleaverly done
1.5.2009 20:47 by gabi gabi alphous
28.4.2009 19:10 by sofia sofia
haha. . cute sharks. can anyone teach me how to create something surrealistic? PLEASE
24.2.2009 15:06 by peter fajura
8.2.2009 18:19 by anto gondrong · URL
12.11.2008 20:48 by sat raj
it s so graet
11.10.2008 17:53 by leroi lilas
Awesome imagination, Michael, and nice realization!
7.11.2007 19:09 by Malinko Natalia · URL
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