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inari Portrait

Corinne Laciga was born on the 06.11.1969 in Zurich.
Even as a child devoted to almost every
Free minute painting and design.
She already realized soon that their only big spaces
Arouse enthusiasm.

What during her time as Event Marketing
"Stressreduktion" began evolved since
1998, a main component of their work.
Since the year 1998, Corinne Laciga her work

i n a r i

She described her paintings herself as a "recycling images."
The only new fact, the colors and wedge framework.
The variety of materials used are almost
Limitless: Wood, Gibs, fabric, sand, gauze: metal, stone, ropes etc
Construction sites-even before her remains are not sure ....

Pictures, sculptures, photographs and jewelry are the
Results of her work.