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Art by raphael perez
Art by raphael perez
realism paintings
naive paintings
Realistic Paintings. The early period of the artists work is characterized by a clear division of his paintings by
topics such as woman, man, man and woman, two women, and two men. The techniques that were applied
are characterized as sharp and meticulous, with smooth color placement, expressiveness and materialism,
which symbolize the restraint experienced by the artist during this period in his life. It was during this
period that the artist had been involved in relationships with women.
Naive paintings
Perez`s creations deal with the subject of homosexuality. He puts a strong
emphasis on single-sex families, pride parades, soldiers, male birth giving,
portraits, male nudity, as well as male, female and heterosexual couples.
His paintings put to test the boundaries between eroticism and art, while
characterizing gay relationships and love as they are expressed in everyday life.
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You are invited to use my paintings, drawings, photos for FREE for any use (except for commercial use). Wish you great love and joyful life :-) Rafi.