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James A. Ford Biography

James A. Ford - Bronze Sculpture

My inspiration grows directly from the pages of something I’ve been reading. Some sculptures are of a specific person while many others are a composite of several different characters which give my work an overall theme of the period. Once I have determined the subject matter, each sculpture matures through a process that combines the love I have for figure, pose and ethnic diversity. My objective is to give each new piece an overall feeling of tranquility and introspection; with just a touch of tension. While I love seeing the composition of each piece come to life my real passion is capturing the quintessential look of a people, their ethnicity, culture and ultimately; their soul. It is for this reason that I suppose my main focal point has been Native American in nature, for I have always felt drawn to the culture of these beauty of the people. To date the highest compliments I have received comes directly from Native Americans’ themselves when they tell me, “…your work looks like my people”.

Having said that, I do not restrict myself to Native American subjects alone. As I mentioned earlier, reading is where it all begins; therefore, my body of work is always expanding to encompass a wider range of subjects.

Recipient of; “Honorable Mention” 1993 Phippen Western Art Show.
Recipient of; “Best in Sculpture” 1994 Phippen Western Art Show.
Recipient of; “Best in Show” 1994 Phippen Western Art Show.
Recipient of; “Best in Sculpture” 2005 Hubbard Museum of Western Art Show.
Two person show at Phippen Western Art Prescott, AZ.
Two person show at Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, GA.
Two person show at The Art-Is–In Salt Lake City, UT
Participant in the Peppertree Western Art Show at the Peppertree Ranch in Santa Ynez, CA
Participant in the Hubbard Museum of Western Art Show in Ruidoso, NM
Recipient of; “Best in Sculpture” 2005 Western Artist of America Show @ Hubbard Museum
Recipient of; Third place at the 2006 San Francisco Stock show

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